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Over twenty years ago the owners of what is now Margaret River Natural Spring Water needed some fresh water at the bottom of their farm. There had always been an area of damp soil near the old farm shed, but to make sure this was a reliable water source a Water Diviner was engaged.

Our Water Diviner used the branch of a Tea Tree shaped like the letter “Y”. He gently held the Tea Tree by the ‘handles’ of the “Y”. Walking around the area he moved the branch from side to side in a soft swaying motion, carefully feeling for any movement in the branch. The bigger the body of water, the more significant the movement of the branch.

Water Divining isn’t an exact science but on this occasion it worked. Originally the water was sourced to service the needs of the farm. However, it tasted so clean and fresh, and the analysis revealed that it was mineral water perfect for human consumption. After some deliberation a bottling shed was built over the spring. A small, two bottle, hand-filling machine was bought, and Margaret River Natural Spring Water was born.

While our machinery may have changed, our location and water haven’t. We are still, and will always be, a family owned and run, single source, spring water company.

We have installed solar panels on the roof of our bottling plant to generate electricity right where it’s needed. This innovation not only helps with our energy requirements, it also does away with the need to produce power elsewhere and transmit it to our location. What’s more, solar panels help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while producing electricity powered by the sun. If our energy needs increase, we’ll install more in the future.


“Aq.ui.fer (æk wə fər), noun: A geological formation of permeable rock containing or conducting groundwater, especially one that supplies the water for wells, springs, etc.”

Margaret River Natural Spring Water is bottled on site. The bottling plant is built directly over the spring, which allows water to be pumped from the ground directly into the bottling unit.

The rural property where the aquifer is located is at the western edge of the Swan Coastal Plain. This region is made up primarily of sand and sandstone. This geology acts as a natural filter and the underground caves are perfect for storing groundwater.

Margaret River Natural Spring Water begins its life as rainwater. The rainwater falls and soaks into the Earth where it is filtered through sand and fissures in the rock. Eventually it is stored in an aquifer that is 38 feet deep. Water at this depth is classified as Spring Water. When you drink Margaret River Natural Spring Water you can be assured that the water you are drinking is always pure, natural spring water from the same spring every time.

Calcium Ca 3
Magnesium Mg 7
Sodium Na 57.0
Potassium K 2
Bicarbonate HCO2 18
Chloride Cl 78
Iron Fe 0.05
Selenium Se ≤0.001
Zinc Zn 0.19
Fluoride F 0.1
Total Dissolved Solids 210

Our History

We embarked on this water journey in 1992, because we believed our water was good for people and we loved it. OK, that’s not much of a slogan, but it is true.

Margaret River Natural Spring Water is just a humble family business. What separates us from our competitors is our unswerving belief in the superior quality and appeal of our product. Our water wasn’t hatched by some think-tank in a boardroom somewhere. Margaret River Natural Spring Water was borne around our kitchen table. And that’s still the best place for our meetings.

When you’re thinking about the purity of the water you’re about to consume, spare a thought for the purity of the people who provide it. We’re a proud family and we stand by our water. That’s our guarantee of quality.

Label and Product Design

A solid metallic bronze background creates a striking contrast to the light blue and white of the logo. The light blue is reminiscent of a clear sky on a lazy summer’s day. The bronze pays tribute to the sun-baked landscape during our hot summer months.

The words on the label are unambiguous. They say what they mean, and mean what they say. Nothing is wasted. Nothing is superfluous. The cobalt blue bottle is smart and stylish. It enhances the beautiful look of the product. Margaret River Natural Spring Water is more than just a bottle of water; it is a reflection of our unique Australian lifestyle.

The Logo

A part of our philosophy is to re-use and recycle and this applies to everything we do. We have taken elements from our previous labels and reshaped them into the logo you see today.

The design of the logo is influenced by the Margaret River regions’ coastal environment, taking inspiration from the wind, waves and the Earth. The result is natural and organic, yet bold and sophisticated.

The lettering supports the logo with subtle wave like motions and colours that pay homage to Margaret River’s natural attributes of sea and sky.

Responsible Recycling

Our bottles are made from Polyethylene Terephthalate, more commonly known as PET or PETE. This type of plastic is used in a wide range of drink bottles because the plastic does not contaminate the contents. In addition, it is light weight and sturdy and best of all it is 100% recyclable. This is indicated by the “1” in a recycle symbol stamped some where on the container.

When PET bottles are recycled they are commonly used in polyester based fabrics. In fact, Polyester is just a term for PET that is used in the textile industry. Recycled PET bottles are also made into new plastic bottles, garden furniture, household bins,as well as fleece jackets and jumpers.

"Please recycle our bottles so they don’t end up in land fill or in our oceans."

Available in 600ml and 1.5l

The Margaret River Natural Spring Water brand is more than just a logo.
It’s a heart and soul. In that regard, the brand is a reflection of the local family, who founded and still run the business.

Our Mission is to:

• Give our customers the experience of drinking pure mineral spring water ‘as it comes’ from the natural source.
• Provide our customers with a beautiful product in every way.
• Enable our customers to purchase a product with integrity.
• Operate our business in an ethical and sustainable manner.
• Share the simple pleasure of our pure natural spring water.


We are always looking for new relationships with modern and progressive distributors. Contact our sales manager Serge Conti on 0417 818 889 to discuss. The chic, modern packaging of Margaret River Natural Spring Water makes it the perfect choice in a wide range of outlets. We are always looking for new relationships with modern and progressive distributors in the following markets Liquor Industry - If you love your quality Australian Wines then this brand will appeal to your appreciation of the area, and the quality produce that it is renowned for. The chic design and blue tinted bottle look the part next to attractive pre mix drinks, carbonated drinks and wine bottles. A smart alternative to glass. Health and Beauty Industry - Margaret River Natural spring water is organically bottled at the source, preserving naturally occurring minerals and trace elements. This gives it the competitive edge over other brands for health food retailers and fresh produce outlets. Cafés and Restaurants - Stylish packaging and renowned branding combined with the revitalising taste makes it the perfect taste enhancer for any fine dining.Real natural spring water to compliment any meal. Fresh Food and Grocery – A real value for money product that can cater to customers with discerning tastes.A local product that really stands out on the shelf.

Margaret River Natural Spring Water is dedicated to actively supporting the community. That is why we are proud to be associated with the The SolarisCare Red Sky Ride. This event is led by local heroes committed to raising funds and awareness for the SolarisCare Foundation. This Foundation provides free services to WA cancer patients and their careers.

To find out how you can help, please visit their website: http://www.redskyride.org.au/home/

If you would like to retail our water, please contact our Western Australian Distributor using the details below:

Tavolino Pty Ltd
355 Sevenoaks Street
Western Australia, 6107

Telephone: 08 9350 6949
Fax: 08 9350 5680

Orders: orders@tavolino.com.au

Sales: sales@tavolino.com.au

We want you to contact us with any questions you might have about our company and our water. You can contact a member of the customer service team using these details:

Email: info@margaretrivernatural.com.au

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The choices we make when shopping directly impact on our health and the health of the planet. When it comes to packaging, it is important to choose materials that are biodegradable or recyclable. To find out more about which materials can be recycled, contact your Shire or local Government organisation.

The list below will help you to recycle responsibly in Australia.

Household food waste -- Compost, chicken food, or dispose of in general rubbish collection.

Electrical and electronic goods -- Deliver to your local waste facility to be recycled as E-waste.

Fluorescent lights & long life light globes -- Contact your local Council.

Needles and syringes –- Contact your local Council.

Plastic bags or bread bags -- Dispose of in general rubbish collection.

Rubber and leather -- Dispose of in general rubbish collection.

Garden refuse and grass clippings -- Compost, take to your local waste facilityor bag up and dispose of in general rubbish collection.

Mulch and leaves -- Compost, take to your local waste facilityor bag up and dispose of in general rubbish collection.

Clothing and toys -- If in good condition donate to charity, if not dispose of in general rubbish collection.

Timber -- Deliver to your local waste facility and sort into treated and untreated.

Polystyrene -- Dispose of in general rubbish collection.

Crockery and ceramics -- Dispose of in general rubbish collection.

Broken plate glass -- Dispose of in general rubbish collection.

Nappies -- Dispose of in general rubbish collection.

Batteries -- Alkaline batteries can be disposed of in general rubbish collection. Contact your local Council about disposing of rechargeable batteries.

Oil, acid, and chemicals -- Contact your local Council.

Dehydration occurs quickly when you are active on a hot day. Therefore, it is important to take on fluids regularly. Due to the salt and sugar content of ‘sports drinks’, they should only be consumed in moderation. For most of us, a simple drink of water is enough to keep us going.